Margit Hartnagel/Doris Marten

A painterly examination on the phenomenon of light at two places
St. Gumbertus / LOFT


Opening (as part of the Pentecostal Service)
4 June, 9.30am - St. Gumbertus
at the end, 11am - LOFT

exhibition duration:
4 June - 1 September 2017

The interaction of the works of the two artists develops easily and playfully. The two artists present paintings dealing with the phenomenon of "light", a central theme in painting for centuries.

For the church, both artists have created works specifically related to the Feast of Pentecost and the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Margit Hartnagel shows in the glazed passage to the Schwanenritterkapelle a 3-piece waxwork on silk paper. The soft paper is impregnated with dyed wax and condenses in layers to the outside to a skin-colored tone. The translucent center transports a powerful whitish ray into the church room through the light coming in from behind.
Doris Marten reacts to this work with two transversal pictures on the galleries. Apparently from above colored line rays fall vertically down over the bright white image surfaces. Which of the competing surfaces is the incident force? Does the white stretch and the colored surfaces disappear, or is the white slowly displaced by the color rays?
In the abstract works the spherical, spiritual and the contrasting, rational playfully oppose each other.

Doris Marten was born in Munich and lives in Berlin. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and the UdK in Berlin.
Margit Hartnagel was born in Ravensburg and lives in Wangen (Allgäu). She studied at the University of Applied Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Opening hours:
St. Gumbertus, daily 7am - 8pm
LOFT, fridays 9.6., 16.6., 23.6., 30.6., 21.7., 28.7., 3pm-6pm
(or by appointment: 0981-205 96 80)

Doris Marten, Pink Painting (building n 4) 2007, Öl auf Baumwolle, 150 x 110cm
Margit Hartnagel o.T. (magenta light) 2013, Pigmente in Kasein, 160 x 170 x 2,3cm

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