Kalle Laar
My Ansbach - Sound-portrait of our City
St. Gumbertus Premiere: Friday, 14 March, 17.00
Further performances: Saturday/Sunday, 15/16 March, 13-19.00

Kalle Laar
LOFT opening: Friday, 14 March, 19.30
Exhibition: 14 March until 20 April

Sound artist, radio play author and DJ Kalle Laar will transform the LOFT in an acoustic space of experience that invites one to listen, discuss and relax. The visitor passes through a soundscape of sounds, soft voices and indefinable sounds. Naked speakers of various design and of dubious quality are reminiscent of lonely lost satellites and allow the composition of floating in space.

Kalle Laar is a sound artist, radio play author and DJ. He curated exhibitions, performances and projects, eg for, 'Calling the Glacier', a direct telephone connection to a glacier, or the "ethics disco", presented at the biennials of Venice and Havana, the Ars Electronica and Transmediale Berlin. Talks and lectures et al to sound and art, and vinyl history. Teaching assignments to perception and sound, last (end of 2012) at the University Nanjang Singapore. He lives in Krailling near Munich and in Vienna.,,

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Opening hours:
Sonntag, 20.4., 15-18.00

Additional opening hours by appointment (usually during office hours, Mo-Fr, 9-16.00

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